Friday, August 21, 2009

Sponsoring a Kit--Libraries

If your library is interested in sponsoring a READS-TO-GO kit, please contact Diane Mayr to discuss title availability. You will be assigned a title. If it does not meet with your approval, you may decline it. You will be assigned the next title on the committee's list of vetted titles. In some cases, depending on paperback publication date, this may require waiting.

Once you have been assigned a title you purchase the books. You will need 14 trade paperbacks and 1 large print copy (preferably paperback, but hardcover if a paperback is not available). If a large print edition is not available, then purchase 15 trade paperbacks. Expect the cost to be approximately $180 (actual cost depends on the list price and the discount the library receives; the one large print book may cost a bit more).

You will be sent, via the state van, a RTG canvas bag, bookplates, a luggage tag, a plastic slash pocket to hold discussion questions, a sign-out sheet, and a brochure for the book discussion group.

In order for RTG books to be readily distinguishable from other library materials, the RTG committee has developed a set of processing instructions, which will be sent to you as well. Discussion questions and other materials will be made available so that you can download them should you need them.

Once a kit has been fully processed, sent to NHSL for entry into the NHU-PAC, and returned to you, you MUST notify us so that the title can set up in our KitKeeper system.

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