Friday, August 21, 2009

Sponsoring a Kit--Book Clubs

If your book club (or other organization) is interested in sponsoring a RTG book discussion kit, here is some information you need to know:
  1. The READS-TO-GO committee reads and discusses newly published titles all year long. Those titles that they think will be in great demand, are highly discussable, and are available in paperback, are added to a master list. An individual or group is welcome to suggest titles for the committee to consider for the program, but the RTG committee reserves the right to refuse a title that does not fall within its guidelines.
  2. The committee also monitors NH interlibrary loan activity to see which titles appear to be "hot" book club choices. After committee discussion these titles may also be added to the master list.
  3. When a group decides to sponsor a kit, the group representative should contact the local public library. The librarian will contact the RTG committee which will assign a title from the master list. A group does not get to pick or chose a title, but it does have the option to refuse an assigned title.
  4. The librarian will order 15 copies of the assigned title and process the kit. Expect the cost to be approximately $180 (actual cost depends on the list price and the discount the library receives; the one large print book may cost a bit more).
  5. Your group's generosity will be noted on a bookplate that is affixed to each book in the kit and groups all over NH will be grateful for your gift!

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