Monday, December 14, 2009

Can You See Any of These Becoming a RTG Kit?

Salon, the online magazine, asked several writers for their favorite books of 2009. It was interesting to read of the varied titles and the reasons writers had for choosing them. Check it out for yourself.

Here, without commentary, is the list of suggested titles:

Aridjis, Chloe. Book of Clouds.
Cohen, Alice Eve. What I Thought I Knew.
Crumb, R. Book of Genesis.
Eagleman, David. Sum: 40 Tales From the Afterlives.
Eggers, Dave. Zeitoun.
Eisler, Barry. Fault Line.
Holmes, Richard. Age of Wonder.
Hornby, Nick. Juliet, Naked.
Keegan, Nicola. Swimming.
Marlon, James. The Book of Night Women.
Munro, Alice. Too Much Happiness: Stories.
Olmstead, Robert. Far Bright Star.
Stuever, Hank. Tinsel: A Search for America's Christmas Present.
Walls, Jeannette. Half Broke Horses.
Walter, Jess. The Financial Lives of the Poets. (2 picked this title)
Welch, Amanda, Dan, Diana, and Liz. The Kids Are All Right: A Memoir.
Wray, John. Lowboy.

Have you read any of the titles? If so, do you think they'd be good for a discussion group?



bookworm said...

I've read BOOK OF CLOUDS and WHAT I THOUGHT I KNEW and i absolutely loved them both. So much to talk about in each of them--CLOUDS is eerie and dreamlike and the reader constantly finds him/herself projecting his/her own ideas onto the story, and there's lots of subtext to dig around in and explore. WHAT I THOUGHT has really high stakes and the issues it brings up are very provocative and controversial--should lead to very lively discussion. Great choices!


Thanks for your comments, we'll add those two titles to our list of books to read.