Monday, March 8, 2010

The Second Time This Has Come Up...

My last post consisted of a quote about a book club being like a cult in a Dan Brown novel. Now I've come across this statement by a London woman, Alyson Rudd, about her being invited to join a book club,
I was being asked to join a secret society.
C'mon, already! Actually, though, the article had some rather good things to say about book clubs such as this:
In some respects a book club sounds counterintuitive. Reading is a solitary pursuit, an opportunity to shut out the world of work or the drone of the television. For years I would, after devouring a great novel, feel low upon finishing it. It was worse than the end of a holiday. I had been part of a whole new world, a separate society, an individual’s trials and tribulations, murder and redemption or love and hate and then, with the turn of a final page, it was gone.

Book clubs are a cure for that sudden onset of depression. Instead of feeling lost upon finishing a captivating novel, you feel a buzz of anticipation. What did the rest of the gang make of it? You do not have to foist the book you have just enjoyed upon someone and have to wait for them to decide to read it.
Read the rest of "How a Book Club Changed My Life" here.

By the way, the book that Alyson Rudd mentioned is being discussed this week by The Times Book Club, One Day by David Nicholls, won't be released over here until June. I think the RTG committee may have to give it a read since Rudd says,
One Day is a perfect choice for a book club because it prompts a need in the reader to share the experience. It is not a book you snap shut with a satisfied sigh and move on. Whether you are moved, angered or baffled you simply must find out what others thought about it.


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