Monday, February 7, 2011


The power of inane conversation is widely misunderstood in our society. Calming hormones are released when people come together, sit around (often in organic circles) and just hang out. Think of a book club. How much time is actually spent discussing the book? Maybe a fraction of the evening, but the experience is so valuable that people continue to gather month after month for years on end.

~ Kari Henley ~

Do you think this trivializes book discussion groups? Is your book group one that engages in "inane conversation"?


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Jennifer said...

The comment might trivialize book clubs, but for many it is reflective of reality. When I mention that I'm part of a book club, people ask if we actually read books, or is it just a chance to get together and drink wine! People are amazed when I say, yes, not only do we *all* read the books, we spend a great deal of time discussing them. Also, we meet on Saturday mornings, so no wine. But coffee, yes...!


I know of many book clubs where the primary motivation for meeting is a glass of wine. Oh, well, whatever floats your boat. I just prefer to float my boat on stimulating conversation! ;-)