Monday, March 21, 2011


The other day I stopped reading a book I had received in bound galley form
definition: Bound galleys are generally produced after a manuscript has been typeset but before proofreading, and are used by publicists to send to book reviewers, distributors and book clubs that like to see a copy of the book three or four months before its official publication date.
It had sounded like a sure hit for book discussion groups, but, after reading more than a third of it, I could take no more. It was poorly written. Plain and simple. The author, someone who is not a first time published writer, but is a first time novelist, needs a few more lessons in creating a believable plot and characters.

It may well be highly discussable: two of the characters are handicapped and institutionalized, and are an interracial couple, a third character is someone who has led a fairly isolated life prior to the novel's events, and, there is an innocent baby, but, I couldn't justify the time necessary to finish reading it.

How about you, do you stop reading if your book group's choice is, in your opinion, poorly written? And, if you stop reading, do you still go to the book discussion? Discussing the quality of an author's writing is, after all, still discussion.


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