Thursday, October 20, 2011

We're On a Roll!

We have three new READS-TO-GO kits! Today I'm going to be announcing only two of those kits because I'm awaiting official notification from the hosting library of the third.

Without further ado:

French, Tana. Faithful Place.

Sponsored by the Friends of the Canaan Town Library and hosted at the Canaan Town Library. Call Amy Thurber at 523-9650.

Janet Maslin in a New York Times review commented, "Perhaps Ms. French’s training as an actor at Trinity College contributes to her three-dimensional characterizations of every last person in this book."

Waldman, Ayelet. Red Hook Road.

Sponsored through a generous grant from New Hampshire Library Association and hosted at the Madison Library. Call Mary Cronin at 367-8545.

Novelist Pat Conroy had this to say, "It took me out of my home on the coast of South Carolina, placed me in the town along Red Hook Road, and changed me the way good books always do."


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