Friday, January 18, 2013

Our Recent Poll

Our poll is now closed. Here are the results:

The question: Would your book group be interested in a kit for the title Warm Bodies by Isaac Marion? Warm Bodies is a "zombie love story" with lots of discussion potential. It has been made into a film, which is opening in February.

Strong yes

3 (17%)

Yes with some reservations

1 (5%)

Probably not--I'm not sure if my group members are willing to step out of their comfort zone

7 (41%)


5 (29%)

No opinion

1 (5%)

So, things don't look good for Warm Bodies being made into a RTG kit, but, we still recommend it as discussable and as something a little out of the ordinary! There are at least 25 libraries in NH that own the book, so, unless your group is huge, you should be able to ILL enough copies. (But after the movie comes out, all bets are off!) Thanks to those who took the time to respond. --Diane

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