Friday, September 2, 2016

KitKeeper Is Coming!

NH Librarians Rejoice,

READS is very excited to announce a new service designed to facilitate our popular READS-To-Go book club kit lending service. The new service is called KitKeeper and it is a product of Plymouth Rocket, the well-known Massachusetts online calendar vendor.

KitKeeper will allow NH Librarians to view kit availability, place kit requests, and manage the tracking of kits online. The easy-to-use service will improve communication and cooperation by libraries to create a seamless lending experience.

Please watch this brief video about the service. *Please keep in mind that only librarians will be able to use our KitKeeper service so all references to 'patron' actually mean 'librarian'. Now that you are properly salivating over the prospects of KitKeeper, contact for the login credentials, visit the test site and try it out! You can place holds, practice tracking kits, and play around with the test site to your heart's content.

You will undoubtedly have questions about the service and your roles as "staff" for your libraries. We have included some answers to the anticipated questions below and we are in the process of creating step by step instructions for using the service.

We will be in touch again in a couple of weeks to confirm everyone's contact information within the database, and to collect and add existing kit reservations to our KitKeeper site. We will then attempt to launch the site by late Fall or early Winter.

Please contact us at with your additional thoughts, questions, ideas, profuse praise, etc.

FAQs about the service:

1. Where can I find step-by-step documentation for how to use the service? Please visit our online user guide for step-by-step instructions.

2. Will the service be accessible to patrons? No, the borrowing library is the 'patron'. Our service is currently designed for librarian use only. Patrons will still need to speak to librarians to reserve kits through their library.

3. Is the Kit lending period adjustable? No, the length of time for the lending of kits will be 8 weeks once our KitKeeper site goes live.

4. Can I update my own library's contact information and kits? No, you must contact us at and tell us the information that needs to be corrected.

5. Are kit barcodes and patron barcodes required? No, kit barcodes can be used by libraries but are not required. Clicking on the button for the appropriate tracking task will achieve the same result.

Patron barcodes are visible on the test site and are for library systems using patron authentication. These will not be used on our site when it is launched since our service is for librarians only.

6. What if my library picks-up van delivery at a different library? If your library receives van delivery at a different library, there will be an option available during the reservation process to select your associated pick-up library.

7. How will I be notified when I need to send off one of my kits? KitKeeper will send your library an email to tell you which kits you need to get ready, which ones are due soon, and which ones are overdue.

READS-To-Go: Kit Keeper Project Team Members:

Brianna Hemmah
READS-To-Go Committee Member
Library Assistant - Hooksett Library

Martha Simmons
READS-To-Go Committee Member
Technical Services Assistant - Hooksett Library

Mathew Bose
READS Treasurer
Assistant Director - Hooksett Library

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