Tuesday, November 15, 2016

KitKeeper Update

Hello Intrepid KitKeeper Users,

Over 40 reservations have been placed in KitKeeper since our launch two weeks ago!

While the process has been relatively smooth there have been a few recurring questions and comments.

We have listed the frequently asked questions below. Also, we will be sending all future communications to the State ILL Listserv to reach more Librarians.

Please visit: KitKeeper to browse READS-TO-GO kits, place reservations, and manage the circulation of your kits.

Lastly, if you have any questions or feedback please contact your helpful NH KitKeeper team at nhkitkeeper@gmail.com or by phone at the Hooksett Library (485-6092).

Your NH KitKeeper Team,
Brianna Hemmah
READS-To-Go Committee Member
Library Assistant - Hooksett Library

Martha Simmons
READS-To-Go Committee Member
Technical Services Assistant - Hooksett Library

Mathew Bose
READS Treasurer
Assistant Director - Hooksett Library

Recent FAQs

Kit Lending Times

The 8-weeks is the total time the kit will be in use, from the date the host library sends the kit out on the van to the date the host library receives it back from the borrowing library. The "borrowing time" is 5 weeks (which encompasses the 'holding', 'in use', and 'returning' dates that you see on the reservation form). These are the dates from when you pass out the books, i.e. 'pick up' date, to the date that you ship them back, i.e. 'due date'.

When placing a reservation the pick up date is the date you want to use the kit. In other words, the date you want to hand the books out to your book club. The system has 10 days built-in before the 'pick up' date for shipping, so you don't need to factor in the timing getting the kit to you, you just need to know what day you will be giving them to your readers.

Request Form

When requesting a kit, no matter which library or personal name is entered on the request form, the email needs to be that of a staff member who is going to be responsible for keeping track of the kit. This should be the Contact Email listed in your KitKeeper Account. To check your library's contact information, login to KitKeeper and click on the "Kit Staff" link under the kit reservation area.

Note: Once a reservation has been placed, the Request Form information cannot be changed! If you entered the wrong details, please email or call us and we will delete the request and you can re-enter it. If you do not want to cancel and re-enter your booking, make sure that the automated emails are forwarded to the appropriate contact person so the kit process is continued.

Confirmation Emails

If your library shares a van pick-up library/location, KitKeeper will pull information from both libraries to be displayed in the confirmation Email. Our system administrator has been made aware of the issue, and unfortunately due to how the program works there is not a way to remove the other library(ies) from that field at this time.

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